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Phillip Tomb established Slate Run in 1794. Vast virgin white pine and hemlock forests covered the steep mountains and valleys, inspiring settlers to call this area The Black Forest. Elk, mountain lions, and wolves roamed these enchanted wild lands. The lumber industry discovered the area, a lumber boom ensued, and the first store in Slate Run was born. One acre of forest produced 120,000 board feet of lumber in those days. Logs were floated down river until a railway was established in 1883. The lumber boom ended, but the store remained.

Our store's mission is simple: To provide polite, friendly service to each customer that enters the store and to make sure that his or her vacation is better because of us. In other words, we aim to treat every customer the way we would like to be treated when we are on vacation. Very simple!

Time To Retire!

It has been 40 years since we started at the shop. So much has happened on Pine since then - Babb Creek is a trout stream, Pine's fly hatches have prospered and multiplied, The Stretch (Catch-And-Release) where everyone can catch exceptional trout year round has expanded to 2.8 miles, and the culture of conservation, appreciation, and joy of this very special stretch of Pine Creek is prospering. If you've entertained the thought of owning Wolfes General Store/Slate Run Tackle Shop, this is your opportunity. Give Lisa Lynn a call at 570-660-0626, a Davis Real Estate realtor. - Tom & Deb

For more information, please contact us at 570.753.8551, email us, or use our online request form.

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