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05-13-2010 The past four days presented very challenging conditions for fly fishing. High winds and cold temperatures Saturday and Sunday offered poor conditions on the stream. Short line fishing in the riffles and runs was about the only solution for those who fly fished. Rains on Monday and Tuesday raised the volume close to unfishable conditions. Today we are back below the 3 ft. level with slight turbid conditions. Rain and storms are predicted over the next two days. Weather conditions should calm down for the weekend.

05-12-2010  Pine is running at a great level for fly fishing. Water temperatures are good and the hatches are changing from early season flies to the mid season flies. We always have a slow period of surface activity during this period. Lots of varied Caddis hatching. The Gray Fox and the Sulphur hatches will start getting heavier this coming week. Lots of trout make it exciting during feeding periods. Our two week early hatch activity has moved back to less than a week.

Comments: the Historic Data: (1946) - 492 - CFS (1947) - 12200 CFS - 90 year average for today ( 2030 CFS) Beautiful and dry weather this last week has dropped Pine well below the normal flow rate for this time of year. The stream temperature is also well above normal. At this point the hatches are advanced. I hope that we get more seasonal weather conditions in the near future. The streams have a wonderful population of nymph life. We could have a great hatch season this year. Some large Brown trout are being caught

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