August 20 th. ride - Kagan

Reaching a goal by August 20: Well, I’ve now passed 4000 miles of bicycling for the year. With continued good health, I should easily be able to surpass my 5000 mile accomplishment last year.
One recent highlight while biking the rail trail occurred on Tuesday, August 17. I had just departed from Wolfe’s Store in Slate Run after downing my usual roast beef, Panini bread sandwich, heading back south toward my Torbert Village home. I passed two women also going south, with a small, unleashed dog accompanying them. Perhaps only 50 yards down the path I saw—and heard—a rattlesnake, partly coiled up, smack in the middle of the trail. I hit the brakes, got off my bicycle, and yelled back to the approaching women with their dog, that they had better pick up little “Rover.”
The owner did so, while I carefully approached the yellow-phase rattler, getting pretty close but placing my bike between it and me. I got out my camera, placed it on my saddlebag to steady it, and took the photo of it with its seven rattles pointed up into the air, buzzing away. The two women arrived, amazed at the sight and sound.
After we stood there awhile, with “Rover” squirming in the one woman’s arms but not barking, the rattler apparently eventually perceived us as no real threat, stopped rattling, and calmly slithered off the trail up into the woods. The dog’s owner thanked me for “saving” her dog by warning them of the snake, and I cycled away.
Dear readers: Please obey the rule that says that dogs have to be leashed on the rail trail. By complying, you are being considerate of others (especially bicyclists), and you may just be saving your pet’s life!

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