Historical Stream Conditions

08-28-2012: Water temperatures fluctuate throughout the 24 hour period and from day to day. We are having reports of trout sightings in good numbers from Blackwell all the way through Cooney's flats. Kayakers who have made the float knew what they were getting into with the low water, but took the experience as a way to learn where the channels, runs, and spring seeps are located as well as have a good look at some of Pine's fish. A consensus seems to be there are many trout, particularly browns, and a few were caught by tubers along rock ledges. Fall is not far away, and until the water cools to the 60's, we will continue to enjoy the great flyfishing Pine Creek offers for smallmouths and rockbass. In a few weeks Pine will be stocked on the Delayed Harvest stretch by Slate Run Tackle and the Brown Trout Club. A few weeks after that the Fish Commissions will again stock the same area. With a incredible hatches holding, this fall should be great!

08-20-2012: Water continues dropping in temperature from rain storms and much cooler nights as well as more mild days. The effect is that Pine is now running at the lower 69 degree mark in the morning up to 73 late in the afternoon and provides a condition for higher dissolved oxygen content. The result - trout are able to feed and redistribute as long as the temperatures hold - this appears to be happening in each 24 hour period. There have been some very good Slate Drake hatches and just before dark a good spinner fall along with Light Cahills in three different variations, the cream cahill, the yellow cahill, and the orange cahill, BWO's, white midges, yellow caddis, brown caddis. Other patterns that are working include the ant, grasshopper, inch worm (green weenie), and soft hackle flies to fish subsurface to match the dries.

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