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10-07-2011: Still running a little strong, but will be in good shape by the weekend. A great weather forecast and a three day holiday should finally offer some good fishing for an extended period of time. No rain is forecast in the next week, so if you are planning for... click here for more

11-5-2011: Pine is at a good level, but a little cool. Streamer fishing is the most productive with weighted nymphs close behind. Some light Caddis activity late in the day. Other flies include a Black Stone Fly and some Baetis. Still getting good reports from fishermen using Slate Drake Emergers... click here for more

03-03-2012: Rain and storms the last couple of days got Pine back up to a normal flow for this time of year. We received about 9 tenths of an inch of rain over the last two days. Pine is an Olive Drap color and clearing. Water temperature this morning was... click here for more

03-09-2012: We received another 3/4 of and inch of rain yesterday. It was a good soaker, so most of it did not run off. Pion is slightly off color today, and flowing just under 4 ft. Spring looks like it is peeking around the corner at us. Pine is full... click here for more

3-15-2012: Pine is in great early spring conditions. Flowing below the 90 year normal, the water temperature is 44 degrees in the morning, and should touch the upper 40's by this afternoon. A beautiful lt. olive in color, with the perfect clarity for fly fishing.The hatches, at this point, appear... click here for more

03-20-2012: Pine is running about normal for early May. The temperature was 54 this morning and shopuld get to the upper 50's bt this afternoon. Heavy thunder storms in Potter county last night increased the flow slightly, but still clear. Strong adult Stone Fly flights every afternoon. The Black Caddis... click here for more

03-29-2012: A cooling trend over the last few days dropped the water temperature back to more seasonable temperatures. Pine was near 60 last week. Warm for this time of year. This morning it was 48 degrees. Those upper teens and low 20's had an immediate impact on the low water.... click here for more

04-05-2012: Pine has produced truly great dry fly fishing the last week. Quill Gordons and Hendricksons dominated the hatches. The river is providing us with the most intense early season hatches that I have seen in years. It reminds me of the old Pine Creek of the 70's. We are... click here for more

04-10-2012: Pine is flowing at a 92 year reacord low. The best early dry fly fishing that we have ever seen. March Browns have been on for days. Cool nights have kept the water temperature in the mid 40's. At the rate we are advancing, the Gray Fox will be... click here for more

04-10-2012: The runs are fishing very well. The flies are advanced by at least 3 weeks. Attractors are also working well. What a spring! Water flow rates are in a late June level. Lots of fish working on the surface. Water temperatures are in the low 40's, thanks to the... click here for more

04-19-2012: Fly fishing was very good all week. Not as heavy as last week, but still very good. The hatches were very strong with a mix of Match brown's and Dark Olive Caddis. The activity took place all day, with the best dry fly fishing during the afternoon. As I... click here for more

Pine fished very well over the week end. March Brown,s are still hatching, along with Gray Fox, and some Olives. 1.2 inches of rain over the last two days increased the flow rate up to 2.19 ft. Snow last night and cold weather cooled the water down to the low... click here for more

04-24-2012: Rain and snow has increased the flow in the runs. The snow and cool weather had also dropped the water temperature back to the low 40's. They are still below the normal flow for this time of year, but greatly improved from a week ago. Fishing was slow on... click here for more

04-26-2012: After 1.2 inches of rain over the past few days, Pine is flowing close to the normal rate. Water temperatures dropped with the melting snow, and the hatches were very slow yesterday, with few surface feeding fish. The water temperature this morniong was 46 and the volume dropping. The... click here for more

04-26-2012: The runs are flowing at an average spring flow rate. Running clear and cool, they are providing some surface activity, but not strong. Fly activity is light to medium. This last shot of rain should help the run. It was flowing at a summer rate, and getting very hard... click here for more

04-302012: After rain and snow last week, Pines flow rate has increased to the 92 year average for this date. The color is Olive and flowing clean. The hatches have moved later to 3P.M. to 5 P.M. and we don't have as many surface feeders as we did when the... click here for more

04-30-2012: Slate had some fairly good reports, but it was very spotty. Fly activity was normal, with some reports of strong Quill Gordons.hatches. The famous Yellow Stone Fly has started to hatch. It provides great surface fishing into summer and again during the fall. ... click here for more

05-03-2012: Heavy thunder storms moved through the area last night and dropped .45 of an inch of rain. Babb Creek is putting a lot of mud into Pine at this time. Since it is a small watershed, it should clear in two days. Pine above Babb is up, but not... click here for more

05-03-2012: Slate is flowing much stronger after last nights rain, but still nice and clear. Surface activity has been slow on the run, the upper section more active than the lower section. The Yellow Stone Fly is coming on stronger, but no heavy hatching ... click here for more

05-03-2012: Cedar has been fishing better than Slate this last week. Surface activity has been stronger and more predictable. Quill Gordons being the main hatch. Some March Browns and Yellow Stone flies are showing up. ... click here for more

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