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09-02-10: Hot dry weather is still locked over our area. Pine is warm, but not leathal at this time. Trout are still at the mouths of the runs. Lots of fish have moved up both Slate and Cedar. No major storm fronts predicted for our area at this time to... click here for more

09-02-10:  Hot dry weather is still locked over our area. Pine is warm, but not leathal at this time. Trout are still at the mouths of the runs. Lots of fish have moved up both Slate and Cedar.  No major storm fronts predicted for our area at this time to improve... click here for more

09-02010 We received 1-3/4 inches of rain on August 21 st. Pine is in great shape for this time of year. It may not last long, so if you want to fish in this improved condition, don't hesitate. Both Pine and the runs look great. The trout at the mouths... click here for more

August 20 th. ride - Kagan

Reaching a goal by August 20: Well, I’ve now passed 4000 miles of bicycling for the year. With continued good health, I should easily be able to surpass my 5000 mile accomplishment last year. One recent highlight while biking the rail trail occurred on Tuesday, August 17. I had just... click here for more

August 20th. Ride - Kagan

Caption: 86-year-old Ralph Mantle, of Jersey Shore, poses after lifting his bicycle over a fallen tree, August 22, 2010, just north of Torbert Village. Mantle bicycled over 7200 miles on the trail in 2009. ... click here for more

The famous Webbers

Caption: On July 27th this writer, his wife and two friends experienced the pleasure of visiting the legendary Webbers at their cabin home high above Slate Run on the west side of Pine Creek. From the left are Bob and Dottie Webber; my wife, Beth Kagan; and Jersey Shore residents... click here for more

08-20-10 Slate is running seasonally low, but the water temperatures are good. Upper 50's early morning and into the mid 60's during the day. Hatches are light, but fish respond to Brown Caddis Emergers fished behind a Brown Caddis Dry size #18. Some of the fish are very large. Lots... click here for more

Pine is running just below the 90 year average. Deep ground water is very low this year, so when we don't get rain every week the stream dropes very fast. Trout are starting tpo move back from the mouthes feeder streams. We still need a lot of rain. Air temperatures... click here for more

08-02-10 Slate Run has a good summer flow. We have finally had some good luck and we have had numerous thunder storms. Lots of fish have moved up from Pine Creekn in the lower section. Hatches are light. Use attractor flies. ... click here for more

08-21-10 Thunder storms are giving our streams enough water to keep them in good shape for the last two weeks. The fish are at the mouths of the feeders, so its best not to fish for them. The drought and the high air temperatures really hurt the fishing this year.... click here for more

Rod Sale - Save up to 25%

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South Fork Skiff for sale

"South Fork Skiff"  --    The perefect boat for you guys that like to drift rivers. It comes with every option except "knee locks", which can be added if you would like. Includes boat , trailer, cover and all safety equipment. Only used a few times. $4500.00  570-753-8551 ask for... click here for more

The men who make the trail work

DCNR workers Chuck Diggan and Kevin Finnefrock spent August 11th cleaning the venting systems at comfort stations along the Pine Creek Rail Trail. Near the end of their day's hard work, they stand outside the station at the south end of the village of Cammal. Diggan and Finnefrock cleaned dirt... click here for more

August Ride - Dave Kagan

August 11, 2010 From left to right, Bob Sherman and Daniel Merchant from Michigan, near the end of their 200 mile, five day bicycle tour of the Pine Creek Rail Trail and North Central Pa. ... click here for more

... click here for more

July 26th. bike ride - Dave Kagan

July 26th Ride of 117 Miles David Ira Kagan At 8 a.m. on this beautiful summer day, I bicycled from my Torbert Village home northward, with the intent of going all the way to the northern terminus at Stokesdale Junction. Two flowers were blooming profusely all along the trail—Queen Anne’s... click here for more

07-31-10 .Slate Run is flowing at a great summer flow. It may not last long, but it is a good shot of water when we really needed it. Hopefully we will keep getting rain to keep the flow at a good level. The stream should fish well for the next... click here for more

The area has received nearly 3 inches of rain in the last week. Pine is finally running above the 90 year average. Great for fishing and boating. The weather forecast is for a cooling trent over the next few days a another storm on sunday. The trout took a beating... click here for more

Slate Run : Low and warm. The run hit 70 a couple of times during the heat wave. Ants, Hoppers and Beetles are active. Some Yellow Stones. Fishing has been slow during the day. Some activity early morning and late in the evening ... click here for more

Pine is still locked in a heat wave and a drought. What a difference a year makes. Low warm water is making it very difficult for the trout. Bass fishing is good this year. Some reported in the 20 inch range ... click here for more

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