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Biking The Pine Creek Trail With Dave Kagan

Dave rides the Pine Creek Trail nearly every day. He has biked every foot of the trail many times each year. He also wrote a wonderful book Pine Creek Villages, which covers the history of all the villages on lower Pine Creek. His book is available at our store. The... click here for more

May 17 Ride

From my home in Torbert Village north to Dry Run Comfort Station 2 miles above Waterville, I enjoyed the current proliferation of purple and white Dame’s rockets, yellow rockets and the five-petaled, white flowers of the rasberry plant, all along the rail trail. The smaller, white flowers of another invasive... click here for more

O5-21-2010 Pine is back to it's 90 year average flow rate. Beautiful Olive color and the temperature is in the upper 50's. Moderate fly activity yesterday. A few nice fish caught, but less than I would expect. A light shower or thunder storm is predicted for tomorrow along with slightly... click here for more

05-19-2010 The rains and showers have finally moved through the area. Pine came up a bit from the rains, but still under 3ft. The water is Olive and very fishable. A little stronger flow than some people like, but we are still getting good reports from Pine. Hatches are mixed... click here for more

05-17-2010 Pine is fishing very well today. Lots of Sulphurs and the trout are looking up. Light showers are predicted for today and periods of rain tonight. It doesn't sound like it will impact the stream flow at this time. Good weather is predicted for the rest of the week.... click here for more

05-16-2010 6:50 AM Pine dropped some over night. It is below the magic 3ft level, making it fly fishable and wadable in some locations. The clarity is very acceptable for fishing, being a light Olive. Some flyfishers did very well yesterday with small drifting nymphs and no competition from other... click here for more

Historical Data

  05-13-2010 The past four days presented very challenging conditions for fly fishing. High winds and cold temperatures Saturday and Sunday offered poor conditions on the stream. Short line fishing in the riffles and runs was about the only solution for those who fly fished. Rains on Monday and Tuesday raised... click here for more

News Article One

May is a great time to buy a new fly rod at Slate Run Tackle shop.  Buy a new Helios, Hydros, Trout Bum or TLS Orvis fly rod and receive a free Battenkill Bar Stock, Battenkill Mid Arbor or a Battenkill Largr Arbor  reel of your choice --free. A value... click here for more

Pine Creek

Pine has produced wonderful early season fly fishing this year.The hatches are early compared to the historical data that we used in the 60's and 70's. Weather pattern changes I guess. Very heavy adult egg laying Caddis flights the last two days. Still some Early Black Stone Flies around, but... click here for more

Please Check Back

Please check back soon for our first report on the stream conditions... ... click here for more

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