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Biking The Pine Creek Trail With Dave Kagan

Dave rides the Pine Creek Trail nearly every day. He has biked every foot of the trail many times each year. He also wrote a wonderful book Pine Creek Villages, which covers the history of all the villages on lower Pine Creek. His book is available at our store. The... click here for more

May 17 Ride

From my home in Torbert Village north to Dry Run Comfort Station 2 miles above Waterville, I enjoyed the current proliferation of purple and white Dame’s rockets, yellow rockets and the five-petaled, white flowers of the rasberry plant, all along the rail trail. The smaller, white flowers of another invasive... click here for more

May 25th. Trail Ride

May 20-24 Rides I have now passed 2200 miles of cycling this year, most of them on the rail trail. On Friday, May 21, I rode 47 miles, a roundtrip from my home in Torbert Village to Wolfe’s General Store in Slate Run, where I “wolfed” down a delicious Panini... click here for more

Trail Ride 05-26-2010

May 26 Ride On Wednesday, May 26, I rode 70 miles roundtrip from my home in Torbert Village to Bohen Run, one mile above Blackwell Village. Life was exploding all along the trail, both flowers and animals, with the temperature reaching into the upper 80s. Highlights included seeing four wood... click here for more

June 3rd. Pine Creek Trail - Dave Kagan

June 3 Ride I bicycled today between the southern terminus in Jersey Shore at mile-marker 168 up to Waterville and McConnell’s country store, a distance of about 11 miles. Flower situation: crown vetch (introduced into the United States in the 1950s for erosion control and now considered an invasive species)... click here for more

June 13 th ride with Dave Kagan

Bicycle Ride of June 13 I pedaled 57 miles today, roundtrip between my Torbert Village home and the Village of Cedar Run, surpassing 2700 miles for the year during my ride, and waiting out downpours inside an Adirondack shelter at Camp Kline just below Ramsey Village (sharing this refuge with... click here for more

Pine Creek Trail Ride with Dave Kagan

Ride of June 21 (the first day of summer) 30 miles roundtrip from my home in Torbert Village to Bluestone Run (north of Jersey Mills) and back. What a gorgeous, sunny first day of summer outing! Hot—yes—but not very humid, so once I was moving, it was very comfortable biking.... click here for more

Independence Day Ride - Dave Kagan

Independence Day Ride By David Ira Kagan I passed 3000 bicycling miles for the year during today’s July 4th rail-trail roundtrip ride of 47 miles from my Torbert Village home to Wolf’s General Store in Slate Run. It was a hot pedal from my 11 a.m. beginning through the afternoon,... click here for more

July 26th. bike ride - Dave Kagan

July 26th Ride of 117 Miles David Ira Kagan At 8 a.m. on this beautiful summer day, I bicycled from my Torbert Village home northward, with the intent of going all the way to the northern terminus at Stokesdale Junction. Two flowers were blooming profusely all along the trail—Queen Anne’s... click here for more

August Ride - Dave Kagan

August 11, 2010 From left to right, Bob Sherman and Daniel Merchant from Michigan, near the end of their 200 mile, five day bicycle tour of the Pine Creek Rail Trail and North Central Pa. ... click here for more

The men who make the trail work

DCNR workers Chuck Diggan and Kevin Finnefrock spent August 11th cleaning the venting systems at comfort stations along the Pine Creek Rail Trail. Near the end of their day's hard work, they stand outside the station at the south end of the village of Cammal. Diggan and Finnefrock cleaned dirt... click here for more

The famous Webbers

Caption: On July 27th this writer, his wife and two friends experienced the pleasure of visiting the legendary Webbers at their cabin home high above Slate Run on the west side of Pine Creek. From the left are Bob and Dottie Webber; my wife, Beth Kagan; and Jersey Shore residents... click here for more

August 20th. Ride - Kagan

Caption: 86-year-old Ralph Mantle, of Jersey Shore, poses after lifting his bicycle over a fallen tree, August 22, 2010, just north of Torbert Village. Mantle bicycled over 7200 miles on the trail in 2009. ... click here for more

August 20 th. ride - Kagan

Reaching a goal by August 20: Well, I’ve now passed 4000 miles of bicycling for the year. With continued good health, I should easily be able to surpass my 5000 mile accomplishment last year. One recent highlight while biking the rail trail occurred on Tuesday, August 17. I had just... click here for more

Pine Creek ride 09-11-10 By Dave Kagan

Caption: During the afternoon of Saturday, September 11, 2010, Greg Hudson, of Frederick, MD, bicycled from the Whitetail Parking Access of the Pine Creek Rail Trail just above Jersey Shore up to Bonnell Flat at Camp Kline just below Ramsey Village, pulling his kayak behind him. That morning he had... click here for more

Biking with Dave Kagan Sept. 02,10

Caption: Erected in 1840 as a Presbyterian church, this now unused edifice, with its cemetery containing some of the early to mid-19th century pioneers, stands at the northwest corner of Route 6 and Marsh Creek Road at Ansonia, just a few hundred yards west of the Pine Creek Rail Trail... click here for more

On the trail with Dave Kagan

Three Pine Creek Rail-Trail Bridges Being Inspected By David Ira Kagan From September 20-22 bridge safety inspections are being conducted on the three Pine Creek Rail-Trail bridges at Torbert Village, Ramsey and Waterville. Workers from two contracted companies in central Pennsylvania are involved: C.C. Johnson & Malhotra, P.C., Engineering Infrastructure... click here for more

On the Trail with dave Kagan

 From Thursday through Saturday, September 23-25, Boy Scout Troop 2028, out of Cherry Flats, PA, bicycled the entire 62-mile length of the Pine Creek Rail Trail from the northern to the southern terminuses. They camped overnight, first at the Tiadaghton Campground north of Blackwell on Thursday, then at Black Walnut... click here for more

On The Trail With Dave Kagan

Pine Creek Valley Suffering From Marcellus Shale Gas Invasion Of Trucks By David Ira Kagan On Wednesday, October 27, 2010, I sat on a folding chair at the White Tail Parking Access of the Pine Creek Rail Trail just off Route 44 a couple miles above Jersey Shore. And I... click here for more

On The Trail With Dave Kagan - Missing Totem Poles

Sometime this past July the two totem poles that had stood at opposite ends of the parade ground of the old Boy Scout Camp Kline just south of Ramsey off the Pine Creek Rail Trail "vanished in the night." According to DCNR, the Boy Scouts of America, the organization that... click here for more

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