Guide Services

Cost Per Full Day:

  • 1 Person $400 (Includes Lunch)
  • 2 People $425 (Includes Lunch)
  • Deposit: $100 (non-refundable)

Cost Per Half Day:

  • 1 Person $300 (No Lunch)
  • 2 People $325 (No Lunch)
  • Deposit: $100 (non-refundable)

Also, please make us aware of any special diets or physical limitations.

Whether it’s your first day fly fishing or you are and advanced fly fisher, we will customize the day for your learning and enjoyment. So, from learning the basics fly-cast to fish two feeding zones at the same, we are ready, are you? Give us a call 570-753-8551.

A Little About Our Services

There is no better way to learn new water or local techniques than to fish with someone who is familiar with the local streams. This can be accomplished either with a friend or a guide from a local shop. The word "guide" usually conjures up visions of large trout in faraway places. Here in the populated and heavily fished East, being an accomplished guide for fishing tours is no small task!

Nevertheless, a good guide can provide a satisfying and productive day, with a little cooperation from Mother Nature and the local trout population. We have been providing guided fishing tours on local trout streams since we opened Slate Run Tackle Shop. The tours will not always produce a lot of trout, but they will definitely introduce you to new techniques, patterns, and access points to the local streams. Our guides are not "fishing buddies" but accomplished fly fishers with strong backgrounds in stream entomology, fly tying, and casting abilities and are well-traveled fly fishers themselves.

Lunches are provided with the day's tour. Tours are limited to two fishers per guide.

Reservations are a must. Our guiding capacity is usually booked up months before trout season. For more information call 570-753-8551 or fax 570-753-8920.

Hatch Chart

The following chart is not a scientific study, but was put together from information gathered by many volunteer fly fishers. This is meant to be a guide for hatches in our local watershed. Hatches can move forward or back by up to two weeks. Not all hatches occur throughout the full lengths of all streams. Certain sections of streams have better conditions for some flies than other sections. Remember, observation is the key to success!

For more information, please contact us at 570.753.8551, email us, or use our online request form.

Common Name Hatch Period Pine Slate Cedar 1 2 3 4
Early Black Stone Mid March   * *   *    
Blue Wing Olive Late March   * * *      
Early Brown Stone Late March   * *   *    
Blue Quill Mid April * * *       *
Quill Gordon Mid April * * *   *    
Dark Olive Stone Late April * * *     *  
Green-Sac Caddis Late April *           *
Tan Caddis Early May * * *     *  
Hendrickson Early May * * *     *  
Little Yellow Stone Early May   * *       *
Little Black Caddis Early May *     *      
March Brown Mid May * * *   *    
Gray Fox Mid May * * *     *  
Dk. Spotted Caddis Late May   * *   *    
Sulphur Late May   * *     *  
Dun Caddis Late May *       *    
Brown Drake Late May *         *  
Green Drake Late May * * *   *    
Pale Evening Dun Early June * * *   *    
Light Cahill Early June * * * *      
Blue Wing Olive Early June * * *     *  
Slate Drake Mid June * * *     *  
Large Yellow Stone Mid June *       *    
Dark Blue Quill Mid June   * *   *    
Yellow Drake Late June *     *      
Trico July * * * *      
          Activity (4-Highest)