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Stream Conditions

Pine Creek

USGS Water Data
Please click on the link above to access the current stream conditions at the Cedar Run Station
Water Conditions: Hatch Activity:

Not a lot of hatch activity   

Pine is at 1.30 feet.

July 19, 2017 Slate Drakes have been moderate and will continue to hatch till October. BWOs, Rusty Spinners, Cahills, Midges, Black Stones, Brown Stones, Golden Stones. 

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$10 and $20 membership pins or a $50 membership gets a trout license plate and Gold Pin.

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07-19-2017:                8:13  AM

Gauge Height:        1.30ft.  

Discharge (CFS):   133 CFS

Average Flow:         139 CFS

Min 1991:                  34.0 CFS 

Max 1942:                 5570 CFS

Depth Calrity: Very clear


Temp: 74-77 degrees - higher in afternoon on sunny days on The Stretch
Comments: Fly Patterns:

The Pine Creek is at 1.30 feet on the gage and the mayfly hatches have slowed down for the most part. a couple slate drakes have been seen with some TRICO action during the evening. Trout fishing is pretty much over on the Pine Creek. With water temperatures increasing and the trout population gathering by the mouths of the tributaries we ask trout fishermen to either target another species (Small mouth and Walleye) or fish the runs. The water is at that point, where it is too warm and not healthy for the trout to be horsed and stressed out during a fight; the usual result ends in the fish not being able to rejuvenate themselves and dying. With that said, we also ask for trout fishermen to stay away from the mouths of the feeder streams, let the fish be so there will be a good lay-over for the Fall and next Spring. Keep and eye on the water temperature anything above 70 is dangerous for the trout, anything below that would be excellent trout fishing. GOOD LUCK and BE SAFE! 

07-19-2017: New 2017 License Plates and pins are in!!



Pine is at 1.30!  74-77 degrees! Target Small Mouth or Walleye! the River is fulll of them. Throw wooly buggers, articulated streamers or big Stone flies in deep pools. Walleye Thrive in deep water, where smallies like to ambush prey in faster and calm water. There are some monsters out in that water, so prepare yourself for a good fight. Use 3x-1x.

 Flow comparison chart 

1.64 ft. = 319 C.F.S.
1.70 ft. = 350 C.F.S.
1.82 ft. = 431 C.F.S.
2.01 ft. = 572 C.F.S.
2.25 ft. = 764 C.F.S.
2.49 ft. b= 956 C.F.S.
2.76 ft. = 1180 C.F.S.
3.00 ft. = 1410 C.F.S.
3.20 ft. = 1710 C.F.S.
3.44 ft. = 2100 C.F.S.
3.70 ft. = 2510 C.F.S.
4.00 ft. = 3000 C.F.S.

Wading Difficulty

3 ft. & above:  Very dangerous - no wading

2.5 ft. to 2.9 ft.: use caution - Can move around close to banks

2.0 ft. to 2.4 ft.: use caution - Can wade up to 25% of stream

1.5 ft. to 1.9 ft.: use caution - Level good for wading up to 50% of stream

1.0 ft. to 1.4 ft.:  Use caution - Can wade up to 75% of stream

.5 ft. to .9 ft. Use caution - Can wade up to 90% of stream        

The new 2017 Slate Run Brown Trout Club license plates are in!  Now available at The Shop!

Same as above...

Straub Brewery of St. Marys, Pa. make a very substantial donation to the Slate Run Tackle Brown Trout Club each year. We are doubling our Brown Trout Club stocking from $10,000 worth of trout to $20,000 worth so that the whole catch-and-release trout stretch will have the same trout density as the delayed harvest did in the past. These large, wonderful fish offer a great experience for trout fishermen in "The Stretch." Since it is a "catch and release" area these fish will offer many repeat opportunities to trout anglers throughout the year, and we have found there are many very large holdovers lurking from the mouth of Slate to the Naval Run Pool.


Straub Brewery is a family owned business that produces a traditional handcrafted beer in the "Pa Wilds" of North Central Pennsylvania.  Peter Straub started the brewery in the Allegheny Mountain town of St. Marys in 1872. The family attitude of perfection in their brewery is reflected in the support of projects like the Slate Run Tackle Brown Trout Club. We appreciate their support, you can enjoy their products at the Hotel Manor. ( My favorite is Peter Straub Special Dark )

          Lord Nelson's Gallery, located in historic downtown Gettysburg, Pa, has been a long time supporter of the Slate Run Tackle Brown Trout Club.  They have donated many high quality limited edition prints over the years to be raffled off and the proceeds go to buying the Brown Trout that are stocked in the Delayed Harvest Area on Pine Creek.  Any one who has caught one of these spectacular trout can attest to their quality. Just seeing these fine trout feed on the surface is a thrill, and can cause a lot of excitement even among the most experienced anglers.

        Their fine art and prints can be seen on or call them on 800-664-9797.  The club raffle runs from June through November.  The funds go to the cost of trout for the project. Tickets are available at our store.

        Sand River Frame & Photo donated the beautiful photo of local Pine Creek Eagles combined with custom framing made from Black Walnut that came from the original Tomb estate in Slate Run. The combination of local breeding eagles and Black Walnut from the estate of the first settler in the Pine Creek Valley made this a very special part of the Brown Trout Art Raffle. You can see more beautiful art and framing at

Last Updated: 07/19/17

Slate Run

USGS Water Data
Please click on the link above to access the current stream conditions at the Cedar Run Station
Water Conditions: Hatch Activity:

The picture at left is a close up of a Nectopsyche fly.

.BWOs, sulphers, Slate Drakes, Rusty Spinners, Black and Yellow Stone flies.


Stream is a little fast, but at a good level

Temp: 58-62 degrees
Comments: Fly Patterns:

Stream is in ideal shape, water clarity is perfect! Sneak up on the fish! Be cautious when fishing, and keep a sharp eye out for SNAKES.

Same as flies above...but for sub surface, try stone flies, squirmy wormy, green weenie and wooly buggers.

Last Updated: 07/08/17

Cedar Run

USGS Water Data
Please click on the link above to access the current stream conditions at the Cedar Run Station
Water Conditions: Hatch Activity:

The picture is of Emily with a very fine Pine Creek brown trout on "The Stretch!"

BWOs, Slate Drake, Sulphers, Cahills, Black and Yellow Stone flies.


Cedar is in good shape - wade carefully!

Temp: 58-62 degrees
Comments: Fly Patterns:

Stream is a little high!!  Fish carefully!

Same as above...but also try sub surface with stone flie nymphs, wooly buggers, green weenie and squirmy wormy.

Last Updated: 06/23/17

Pine at Waterville

USGS Water Data

Young Woman's Creek

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Kettle Creek

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Blockhouse Creek

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1st for Sinnemahoning

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Lycoming Creek

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Loyalsock Creek

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