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Pine Creek

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Water Conditions: Hatch Activity:


The Brown Trout Club is in its drive to raise funds for the 2023 Pine Creek stockings. 2023 pins and license plates are available now. 

We need your support to contune the heavy stocking schedule that maintains the free, world class fishing experience in The Stretch on Pine Creek. 

Help the Brown Trout population in Pine Creek - join The Slate Run Tackle Shop's Brown Trout Club today!

Book your fall guide trips today, they should be filling fast for October after the fall stockings!


9/22/2023  9 am

Gauge Height: 1.51 FT

Discharge (CFS): 211


Water temperature: 59

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Temp: 59 degrees
Comments: Fly Patterns:

Let's go! Trout fishing is back! They are feeding subsurface as well on top. Have BWO's, cahills, sulfurs, and slate drakes in your box. A black wooly bugger has been hot as well.We are stocking the last Saturday in September! H3 rods and other orvis products are on sale!  So get out and explore the Pine Creek Valley!

 The state stocked 520 Musky yearlings from the Clark Farm access to the mouth of the West Branch of the Susquehanna. We should be receiving a email regarding the Musky stocking and their impact on stream life. As we receive these emails from the Division of fisheries management we will send out some more information soon. 

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If you haven't already done so, please support the stocking efforts of the Brown Trout Club with a monetary donation. Please mail donations, payable to the Brown Trout Club to, Slate Run Tackle Shop, 14167 Route 414, Slate Run, PA 17769.

You may also make donations online by visiting



1.64 ft. = 300 C.F.S.

1.70 ft. = 350 C.F.S.

1.82 ft. = 431 C.F.S.

2.01 ft. = 572 C.F.S.

2.25 ft. = 764 C.F.S.

2.49 ft. b= 956 C.F.S.

2.76 ft. = 1180 C.F.S

3.00 ft. = 1410 C.F.S.

3.20 ft. = 1710 C.F.S.

3.44 ft. = 2100 C.F.S.

3.70 ft. = 2510 C.F.S.

4.00 ft. = 3000 C.F.S.

Wading Difficulty

3 ft. & above:  Very dangerous - no wading

2.5 ft. to 2.9 ft.: use caution - Can move around close to banks

2.0 ft. to 2.4 ft.: use caution - Can wade up to 25% of stream

1.5 ft. to 1.9 ft.: use caution - Level good for wading up to 50% of stream

1.0 ft. to 1.4 ft.:  Use caution - Can wade up to 75% of stream

.5 ft. to .9 ft. Use caution - Can wade up to 90% of stream        


Streamers and Slate drakes seem to be the key. Bwo's in the morning, Slate Drakes, Cahills, Sulphurs and October caddis are coming off in the evening.

Straub Brewery of St. Marys, Pa. makes a very substantial donation to the Slate Run Tackle Brown Trout Club each year. We are doubling our Brown Trout Club stocking from $10,000 worth of trout to $20,000 worth so that the whole catch-and-release trout stretch will have the same trout density as the delayed harvest did in the past. These large, wonderful fish offer a great experience for trout fishermen in "The Stretch." Since it is a "catch and release" area these fish will offer many repeat opportunities to trout anglers throughout the year, and we have found there are many very large holdovers lurking from the mouth of Slate to the Naval Run Pool.

Straub Brewery is a family owned business that produces a traditional handcrafted beer in the "Pa Wilds" of North Central Pennsylvania.  Peter Straub started the brewery in the Allegheny Mountain town of St. Marys in 1872. The family attitude of perfection in their brewery is reflected in the support of projects like the Slate Run Tackle Brown Trout Club.


Last Updated: 09/22/23

Slate Run

USGS Water Data
Please click on the link above to access the current stream conditions at the Cedar Run Station
Water Conditions: Hatch Activity:

Slate Run is clear

Sporatic hatch activity right now. Anglers best chance at catching trout on slate this time of year would be using small nymphs and or using small streamers in deep holes. Trout have been taking Ants, Slate Drakes, Sulphurs and yellow sallys when the mood strikes em.



Slate Run's flows are normal

Temp: 62 degrees.
Comments: Fly Patterns:

 Slate run is on fire! A Walt's worm off of a dry fly seems to be working the best. Look for the small eddys and soft edges.  Small perdigons, stoneflies and pheasant tails and jig streamers should be in your fly box. Slate Drakes, yellow sallys have been coming off.

Please handle the wild trout carefully, keep them wet. Remember that you do not need to take a photo of every fish that you catch!


Phone us for stream conditions and store details (570) 753-8551

Subsurface patterns include pheasant tails, hares ears, stoneflies, jig streamers, perdigons, wooly buggers sculpins, etc. Dries of Ants, Sulphurs, yellow Sallys and Slate Drakes could be productive.

Last Updated: 09/09/23

Cedar Run

USGS Water Data
Please click on the link above to access the current stream conditions at the Cedar Run Station
Water Conditions: Hatch Activity:

Cedar Run is clear

Same as on Slate Run.


Cedar Run's levels are normal.

Temp: 62 degrees.
Comments: Fly Patterns:

Cedar run is fishing well!

Please handle fish carefully. While we can replenish Pine Creek with stocked trout, natural reproduction on Cedar and Slate runs takes years to recover from the mortailty rate caused by rough handling of wild trout.




Same as on Slate Run but dont sleep on the green weenie, it flat out works on cedar.

Last Updated: 09/01/23

Pine at Waterville

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Young Woman's Creek

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Kettle Creek

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Blockhouse Creek

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1st for Sinnemahoning

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Lycoming Creek

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Loyalsock Creek

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