Historical Stream Conditions

06-27-2012: Pine is warming and a heat wave is predicted by the end of this week. Still catching trout on Pine, but it is 70 degrees this afternoon, and air temperatures in the upper 90's predicted by the end of the week. The flow rate is slightly below the 92 year average, and no significant rain in the long range forecast. We will have to look to the runs for summer fishing. What a great year. Pine delivered an incredible fly fishing year.

07-07-2012: HOT HOT HOT! The trout have moved into the mouths of the feeder streams and the harvest is under way. Some of the lucky ones made it up the runs and will survive to offer good sport fishing this summer. Pine went through many extremes this year. It offered the best fly fishing that I have ever seen. Great hatches and great fish! That combined with wonderful water conditions, provided a season that we will not forget for a long time.

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