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  05-13-2010 The past four days presented very challenging conditions for fly fishing. High winds and cold temperatures Saturday and Sunday offered poor conditions on the stream. Short line fishing in the riffles and runs was about the only solution for those who fly fished. Rains on Monday and Tuesday raised... click here for more

Pine Creek

Pine has produced wonderful early season fly fishing this year.The hatches are early compared to the historical data that we used in the 60's and 70's. Weather pattern changes I guess. Very heavy adult egg laying Caddis flights the last two days. Still some Early Black Stone Flies around, but... click here for more

05-16-2010 6:50 AM Pine dropped some over night. It is below the magic 3ft level, making it fly fishable and wadable in some locations. The clarity is very acceptable for fishing, being a light Olive. Some flyfishers did very well yesterday with small drifting nymphs and no competition from other... click here for more

05-17-2010 Pine is fishing very well today. Lots of Sulphurs and the trout are looking up. Light showers are predicted for today and periods of rain tonight. It doesn't sound like it will impact the stream flow at this time. Good weather is predicted for the rest of the week.... click here for more

05-19-2010 The rains and showers have finally moved through the area. Pine came up a bit from the rains, but still under 3ft. The water is Olive and very fishable. A little stronger flow than some people like, but we are still getting good reports from Pine. Hatches are mixed... click here for more

O5-21-2010 Pine is back to it's 90 year average flow rate. Beautiful Olive color and the temperature is in the upper 50's. Moderate fly activity yesterday. A few nice fish caught, but less than I would expect. A light shower or thunder storm is predicted for tomorrow along with slightly... click here for more

05-23-2010 Most of the better feeding activity on Pine was during the morning and late at night. The Golden Stones hatched during the last couple of days. The hatch is as strong as the western stone fly hatches, but is mainly nocturnal. Fishing wet flies at night is productive, but... click here for more

05-24-2010 3:11 P.M. The Drakes have arrived in good numbers. They have been hatching sporadically for the past few days. There are spinners in the air from the early hatches. Tonight may be a heavy hatch. We will let you know. Good fishing both early and late, with slower nymph... click here for more

Pine produced another fine evening of surface activity Mondat night. Very little activity until the last 20 to 30 minutes of day light. Than very good until after 1030 P.M. It may have lasted longer I would suspect.Of course fishing to spinner falls after dark is not the easiest form... click here for more

05-27-2010 2:09 P.M. Pine has warmed over the past few days.Temperatures pushed into the mid 70's before a thunder storm moved through the area and gave us some relief. Feeding moved to early morning and just at dark an into the night. Storms predicted over the next few days should... click here for more

06 - 02 - 2010 Pine received a much needed influx of water with the recent storms that moved through the area. About 2 inches of rain increased the volume to just above normal for the year. Fishing is still very active early morning to about 10 A.M. and than... click here for more

06-02-2010 10:04 A.M. Slate Run received a volume increase with storms the last couple of days. Fisherman reports would indicate that the run is fishing better this year than the past couple of years. Fly activity is normal. ... click here for more

06-07-2010 Strong storms on Saturday and Sunday increased the flow on Pine Creek and also dropped the temperature back to the low to mid 60's. Trout were feeding during the morning hours and just at dark. B.W.O.'s during the morning and Olive spinners at night. Still some Sulphurs and Slate... click here for more

06-14-10 1722 Pine is still producing lots of fish. Recent rains cooled the waters and the trout are still feeing in the morning and evening. Olives in the A.M. Duns and spinners during the evening. ... click here for more

06-14-10 5:40 P.M. The runs are flowing nicely. Slightly above normal for this time of year. Fish are looking up. Good summer fishing conditions. ... click here for more

06-19-10 -- 0839 : Pine is dropping and warming.Trout were in at the mouths of the feeder streams a couple of times this summer. They have moved back out again with some cooler nights and a thunder storm. Nearing the end of normal trout fishing on Pine, unless we get... click here for more

06-28-10 - 3:57 P.M. Pine is getting very low and warm. Fish are at the feeder streams and also starting to move up the feeders. Lots of trout. Hopefully we will get some rain to increase the volume. ... click here for more

07-09-10 11:15 AM The latest heat wave is still holding on in the area. Two fronts are opposing each other over our area. Hopefully the one from the west wins. Heavy storms are to our west just arriving in western Clinton County. Pine is in bad shape for trout at... click here for more

Pine is still locked in a heat wave and a drought. What a difference a year makes. Low warm water is making it very difficult for the trout. Bass fishing is good this year. Some reported in the 20 inch range ... click here for more

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