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04-26-2011: Nearly another inch of rain last night raised Pine to over 7 ft. The stream is muddy and very high, but dropping. See todays photos in the Photo Gallery ... click here for more

04-21-2011: Slate is running strong nwith all of the rain that we have had. Fishable on the upper portion of the watershed. No surface activity reported, but good catches of Brook Trout on nymphs. ... click here for more

04-23-2011: More rain! Pine is on the rise again. Thunderstorms and rain crossed our area overnight dropping lots of rain. More storms are predicted for the next few days. ... click here for more

04-21-2011: Finally some sun shine in the Pine Creek Valley What a sight! Pine has dropped below the 4 ft. level at last The first for some time. The water is a beautiful Olive. Some trout are being caught in the large eddies with nymphs and streamers. No surface activity... click here for more

04-19-2011: Lots of rain! The first day and weekend of the season is over. Pine and it's tributaries are running very strong. Even with these conditions, some anglers were catching trout. The jet stream is locked over our area, so I guess that we will have lots of these conditions... click here for more

04-17-2011: Nearly an inch of new rain raised Pine to just under 5 ft. at Cedar Run. It didn't get as muddy as I thought that it might. It dropped nearly 6 inches over night and is slightly turbid. It will take 2 days to get it back to the... click here for more

04-15-2011: Pine continues to clear and drop. Rain is predicted for the weekend. The delayed Harvest Area is fishing well in the large eddies. All action is deep and slow. Nymphs and streamers ... click here for more

04-14-2011: Pine is dropping and clearing. We missed the worst of the storm. Fly fishers were catching nice Browns and Rainbows in the DHA on Pine. ... click here for more

04-13-11: More rain. Pine is still clear at this point. More rain and showers are predicted for the rest of the day. We missed the worst part of the storm yesterday. Pine is approaching 41/2 ft. so fly fishing is going to be very challenging. I will update this tomorrow... click here for more

04-08-2011: Pine is slowly dropping and clearing. Long range weather forecasts are calling for rain and showers over the next two weeks.Temperatures are predicted to start increasing for the next 7 days. We are going to have lots of water in Pine for the first couple of weeks of the... click here for more

04-08-2011; Slate was muddy as the latest storm pulled out of the area. I would imagine that we will see some stream relocations at the 2 mile and maybe the 7 mile. All that mud had to come from some where. Another inch of rain is in the forecast for... click here for more

04-06-2011: More rain! ! 1.4 inches of rain along with melting snow has increased Pines flow to it's fourth very high condition this spring. The water was muddy this morning along with a very heavy flow. There is still snow on the mountain tops, so I guess that this... click here for more

04-01-2011: More light snow over night. We were suppose to receive 5 inches of new snow, but it looks like that might be wrong. The snow should be over by this afternoon. Although Pine is finally below the 90 year average flow rate, we have a great water supply... click here for more

On The Trail With Dave Kagan 04-06-2011

Experiencing The Pine Creek Rail Trail In Early April By David Ira Kagan What is so very special about bicycling, walking or jogging along the Pine Creek Rail Trail at the beginning of April? When your spouse, your friends—even your enemies—tell you that you’re crazy,... click here for more

03-23-2011: More rain and snow. Pine is still running very strong without any relief in sight. The next two weeks are forecasted to bring more snow and rain. The ground is saturated, but still taking on the added rain and snow. Looks like a wet high water early... click here for more

03-17-20: Pine is dropping and clearing. It still has a while before it is fly fish-able. Most of the snow is gone in the valley and southern exposures of the mountains. The Red wing Blackbirds and Robbins have returned along with Canada Geese. Mergansers are waiting for the stocking... click here for more

Pine Creek Rail Trail Update - Dave Kagan March 20 th. 2011

Pine Creek Rail Trail March 20 Update For Bicyclists By David Ira Kagan It’s March 20, the first day of spring! Let the good news be heard! The wicked witch of winter is dead! The Pine Creek Rail Trail has finally shed its snow-and-ice coating... click here for more

1St. Bike artical of the year

Time To Join Me On The Rail Trail By David Ira Kagan Out on March 13th on the Pine Creek Rail Trail, I rode my bicycle for the first time since January 5th. Although still a bit soft in places from the downpour a week... click here for more

03-15-2011: Pine is dropping and clearing. We have had three weeks of snow and rain, along with melting snow. Lots of water in the ground. Another 3/4 of an inch is in the forecast for tomorrow. Warming weather is also in the forecast. The trend is slowly increasing temperatures over... click here for more

03-07-2011: Slate is in it's second spring run-off, with more to come. Lots of snow and rain in the last couple of weeks have really impacted the local flow rates. Just under 2 inches of rain and lots of snow are keeping the streams running at a very high rate... click here for more

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