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04-14-2011: Pine is dropping and clearing. We missed the worst of the storm. Fly fishers were catching nice Browns and Rainbows in the DHA on Pine. ... click here for more

04-15-2011: Pine continues to clear and drop. Rain is predicted for the weekend. The delayed Harvest Area is fishing well in the large eddies. All action is deep and slow. Nymphs and streamers ... click here for more

04-17-2011: Nearly an inch of new rain raised Pine to just under 5 ft. at Cedar Run. It didn't get as muddy as I thought that it might. It dropped nearly 6 inches over night and is slightly turbid. It will take 2 days to get it back to the... click here for more

04-19-2011: Lots of rain! The first day and weekend of the season is over. Pine and it's tributaries are running very strong. Even with these conditions, some anglers were catching trout. The jet stream is locked over our area, so I guess that we will have lots of these conditions... click here for more

04-21-2011: Finally some sun shine in the Pine Creek Valley What a sight! Pine has dropped below the 4 ft. level at last The first for some time. The water is a beautiful Olive. Some trout are being caught in the large eddies with nymphs and streamers. No surface activity... click here for more

04-23-2011: More rain! Pine is on the rise again. Thunderstorms and rain crossed our area overnight dropping lots of rain. More storms are predicted for the next few days. ... click here for more

04-21-2011: Slate is running strong nwith all of the rain that we have had. Fishable on the upper portion of the watershed. No surface activity reported, but good catches of Brook Trout on nymphs. ... click here for more

04-26-2011: Nearly another inch of rain last night raised Pine to over 7 ft. The stream is muddy and very high, but dropping. See todays photos in the Photo Gallery ... click here for more

Another 1.7 inches of rain set a new stream flow record for this date after 94 years. Pine topped out at just over 9ft. at the Cedar Run gauge. The runs are out of control. Lots of muddy water. I think that we will see some major changes in the... click here for more

04-28-2011: Another 1.4 inches of rain. That makes over 3 inches in two days on top of saturated ground. Of course all streams are blown out. Pine Creek Crested at 19200 CFS. Check out the Photo Gallery on this site. ... click here for more

04-29-2011: Phones were out for the last day, so I could not up-date the WEB Site. here is the latest. Only light showers today. Pine is still running very strong, but dropping and starting to be less muddy. I guess that the best description is "soiled" . Dropping about 12... click here for more

05-04-2011: Another 3/4 of an inch of rain last night. Pine raised, but the weather looks good for the next couple of days. Pine should be ready by the weekend. Are we finally going to get some better conditions on Pine? If that occurs, we should be ready with Match... click here for more

05-05-2011: Get your fishing equipment ready! It looks like we are finally getting a break in the rain events. Pine is clearing and dropping. It is coming close to the magic 3 foot level. It will probably be there by the weekend. The long range weather forecast looks incouraging and... click here for more

Transformation Of Pine Creek By The Gas Industry By David Ira Kagan During the first week of May 2011, the face of Pine Creek about six miles above Jersey Shore was changed by Pennsylvania General Energy Company (PGE). Construction for a water extraction site included the creation of a large,... click here for more

05-06-2011: Pine is still dropping and clearing. It should hit the 3 foot level by the weekend. Clarity is good for fishing and temperatures are good. Although it will still be running strong, it will be fishable. Hatches should increase with the sun and warming weather. Highs in the 70's... click here for more

05-08-2011: Saturday was not as active as I thought it might be. Fish were still being taken very deep and slow , but not on the surface. The water still has not gone below the magical three foot level. It should be there by Monday. Great weather is forecast for... click here for more

05-08-2011: The runs are clear and dropping. Good spring level and flow. Very little surface activity. Nymphs producing slow to moderate fishing. We need some sun and warming waters. The stream looks great and this coming week we are going to get wondefrul weather. The trout are nice and heavy... click here for more

05-11-11:   The runs are in beautiful condition. Water temperatures are good and the flow  has dropped to a very fishable level. Hatches are light at this time. There are still some Blue Quills, Quill Gordons and Hendricksons around. Warming waters should advance us into the mid-season flies. ... click here for more

05-11-11: Pine is warming and dropping. Surface activity is still slow.Hatches are light at this time. We are waiting for the March Brown hatch to get going at a heavier rate. They are hatching, but sparsely at this time. That should change with warming water temperatures. Weather predictions are good... click here for more

Mat 5th. Ride -- Dave Kagan

Ride on May 5, 2011 Today I enjoyed a 50-mile, round-trip ride from my home in Torbert Village up to Hilborn Run between the villages of Slate Run and Cedar Run. As always, my outing made it a good day to be alive. DCNR has raked, rolled and added surface... click here for more

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