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03-07-2011:   We have had some extreme weather in the last couple of days. Just under 2 inches of rain and 8 inches of snow out of the same storm had an impact on the flow of Pine Creek. Pine jumped to about 13000 CFS before the snow set in. If you look... click here for more

03-01-2011: Slate is in a pre-spring run off condition. Although it is not in a heavy run off, it is infishable at this time. The ice out was also kind of mild, helping the young of the year have a better survival rate. At this time the summer water flows... click here for more

03-01-2011: An inch of rain on top of lots of snow didn't bring Pine up as mich as I thought it might. The air temperatures didn't get as high as predicted, limiting the melt down. lots of snow remains in the valley and on top of the mountains, insuring an... click here for more

02-15-2011; Still iced in. A predicted warming trend could open the runs up by the end of this coming week end. Lots of snow and ice in the mountains ... click here for more

02-19-2011 Warm weather the last couple of days melted a lot of snow and softened the ice on local streams. The ice went out of Pine last night (02-18-2011) Lots of melting snow soaked into the ground, charging up the deep water supply. More predicted snow next week should help... click here for more

02-15-11 : Pine is still covered with ice. Some water can be seen flowing in some areas. Snow pack in the valley is about 10 ionches of very dense snow. The mountain tops have about twice that amount. Warming weather is forecast during the next couple of weeks, so the... click here for more

12-16-10 Pine is still flowing above normal for this time of year. It looks great and is light olive in color, with lots of chunks of ice floating on the surface. Lots of snow showers blowing through the area. Very little snow on the ground. Ground water is slightly above... click here for more

12-09-10 Pine Creek

12-09-10 Pine is flowing at a great late fall level. Fishing has come to a stand still along with the end of the hatches. I can't see any real fly fishing on Pine until the spring. It was a strange year with the low, warm water conditions through out the... click here for more

Rod Sale - Save up to 35%

Two time tested popular models are being phased out to make room for next years new models.  The Trout Bum and the TLS are 35% off of list price!. We have a good stock at this time . These rods will move out fast, so if you want a good... click here for more

11-07-10  Pine is in great shape. Flowing just above average for this time of year. A few Caddis are still hatching, but little to no surface activity. Fishing has been slower than excepted . Most trout that are being caught are caught under the surface on nymphs and streamers.         . +Trout... click here for more

11-13-2010 On The Trail With Dave Kagan

11-13-2010 Pine Creek Rail Trail Section “Lost” To Marcellus Shale Gas Drilling Industry By David Ira Kagan On Wednesday, November 10, 2010, I rode my bicycle along the Pine Creek Rail Trail from my home in Torbert Village north to Slate Run, a distance of roughly 24 miles. Up the eight... click here for more


Pine is in beautiful condition. We received .36 of an inch of rain yeasterday. Our stocking club stocked a bunch of Tiger trout two weeks ago. Straub Brewery paid for and stocked a whole truck load of fish in the Delayed Harvest Area on Pine at Slate Run. ... click here for more

On The Trail With Dave Kagan - Missing Totem Poles

Sometime this past July the two totem poles that had stood at opposite ends of the parade ground of the old Boy Scout Camp Kline just south of Ramsey off the Pine Creek Rail Trail "vanished in the night." According to DCNR, the Boy Scouts of America, the organization that... click here for more

On The Trail With Dave Kagan

Pine Creek Valley Suffering From Marcellus Shale Gas Invasion Of Trucks By David Ira Kagan On Wednesday, October 27, 2010, I sat on a folding chair at the White Tail Parking Access of the Pine Creek Rail Trail just off Route 44 a couple miles above Jersey Shore. And I... click here for more

On the Trail with dave Kagan

 From Thursday through Saturday, September 23-25, Boy Scout Troop 2028, out of Cherry Flats, PA, bicycled the entire 62-mile length of the Pine Creek Rail Trail from the northern to the southern terminuses. They camped overnight, first at the Tiadaghton Campground north of Blackwell on Thursday, then at Black Walnut... click here for more

On the trail with Dave Kagan

Three Pine Creek Rail-Trail Bridges Being Inspected By David Ira Kagan From September 20-22 bridge safety inspections are being conducted on the three Pine Creek Rail-Trail bridges at Torbert Village, Ramsey and Waterville. Workers from two contracted companies in central Pennsylvania are involved: C.C. Johnson & Malhotra, P.C., Engineering Infrastructure... click here for more

 09-17-10   Slate is running very low for this time of year. Some trout are being caught. Hatches are normal Slate Drakes have been very active, but the low water conditions make fishing very challenging. Lots of stone case Caddis are moving into hatch positions. Some of the smooth and shallow... click here for more

09-17-10: Very low stream conditions exist.Lots of storms north of us, but very little at this location. The same condition that we had for almost a year at this point. Some trout survived the fishermen at the mouths of the feeder streams. They have spread out in the last couple... click here for more

Biking with Dave Kagan Sept. 02,10

Caption: Erected in 1840 as a Presbyterian church, this now unused edifice, with its cemetery containing some of the early to mid-19th century pioneers, stands at the northwest corner of Route 6 and Marsh Creek Road at Ansonia, just a few hundred yards west of the Pine Creek Rail Trail... click here for more

Pine Creek ride 09-11-10 By Dave Kagan

Caption: During the afternoon of Saturday, September 11, 2010, Greg Hudson, of Frederick, MD, bicycled from the Whitetail Parking Access of the Pine Creek Rail Trail just above Jersey Shore up to Bonnell Flat at Camp Kline just below Ramsey Village, pulling his kayak behind him. That morning he had... click here for more

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