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The Pennsylvania Wilds

Before European settlers arrived, the continent of North America was a vast expanse of wilderness, full of dense forests and abundant wildlife. When the settlers appeared on the scene, they quickly made use of the natural resources that were available to them, completely changing some areas of the country by wiping out whole forests and entire species of plants and animals. Today, few areas of the country retain that "wild" feeling. Most look nothing like they did all those centuries ago when the first Europeans set foot on what would soon be called American soil. Though many people associate Pennsylvania with large metropolitan areas like Pittsburg and Philadelphia, North Central Pennsylvania has managed to maintain its link with the past. Slate Run Tackle Shop is located amidst the natural beauty of the Pennsylvania Wilds, the name given to the 2 million acres of unspoiled country that spans a dozen Pennsylvanian counties. Full of rich history, the Pennsylvania Wilds is an ideal place to go hunting, fishing, and enjoy a number of other exciting outdoor activities.

Every hunter dreams of testing his or her skills in a true, untouched wilderness. The Pennsylvania Wilds are just such a place. Lost to time, this mountainous area of Pennsylvania is full of state parks and thick forests. Well stocked with game of all sizes, it is a place to which many hunters travel to go Pennsylvania Elk Hunting and Pennsylvania Deer Hunting, as well as PA Turkey Hunts and Pennsylvania Grouse Hunting. With the largest elk herd in the Northeast, the Pennsylvania Wilds are the perfect place to hunt elk. White tail deer are another abundant species, and Pennsylvania Deer Hunting is yet another popular pastime in this sparsely populated area. Grouse Hunting Pennsylvania and PA Turkey Hunts are two more activities that draw outdoorsmen of all kinds to the Pennsylvania Wilds.

At Slate Run Tackle Shop, we specialize in selling only the best Orvis Fishing Equipment to our many customers who enjoy the large number of streams that abound in the Pennsylvania Wilds. If you enjoy fishing for Slate Run Trout, our Orvis Store is located right on Slate Run in Lycoming County PA. Dozens of rivers and streams flow through the area, making it an ideal located for Fly Fishing in PA, Fishing in Pennsylvania, and Pine Creek PA Fishing. Anglers enjoy the solitude of the Pennsylvania Wilds as well as the number of prime Fishing in Pennsylvania opportunities that can be found in this vast wilderness area.

The Pennsylvania Wilds is not only perfect for Pennsylvania Deer Hunting, Pennsylvania Elk Hunting, PA Turkey Hunts, and Grouse Hunting Pennsylvania. In fact, the number of ways you can enjoy the serenity of the Pennsylvania Wilds is virtually limitless. From Hiking in Pennsylvania to Canoeing in PA, from Central PA Camping  to Snowmobiling in Pennsylvania and Cross Country Skiing in Pennsylvania, from visiting Pine Creek Gorge PA to Pennsylvania Mountain Biking or riding ATV Trails Pennsylvania, let your imagination be your guide and you’ll never be bored.

The Pennsylvania Wilds are one of the most spectacular places in the country, and Slate Run Tackle Shop is fortunate enough to be located amidst all the splendor. But there is much more to do in our area than enjoy the outdoors. There are numerous Things to Do in Central PA, like dining at the fine Restaurants Williamsport PA, exploring the local wineries, touring the many museums and historical sites that celebrate the history of Williamsport PA, and shopping at the fine retailers that are located in Lycoming County. If you head to our area to pick up some Orvis Fishing Equipment at Slate Run Tackle Shop, consider staying a while in one of the many Pennsylvania Wilds Vacation Rentals that dot the area. You will be surprised by what you find!