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Since long before history was recorded, Lycoming County had been inhabited by Native Americans who used the Susquehanna River as a major transportation route. When Europeans explorers arrived in the area as early as the 1600s, they paved the way for the earliest settlers, who soon began making permanent homes in the picturesque hills of Lycoming County PA. Since then, Lycoming County has been known as the lumber capital of the world and been home to many interesting historical figures. With one of the longest and richest histories in the United States, Lycoming County PA is full of museums and historical societies that strive to promote cultural awareness throughout the community. If you’re looking for Things to Do in Central PA, consider touring the area’s many museums and historical sites to learn more about Lycoming County’s exciting history.

The Muncy Historical Society

This non-profit volunteer organization has been promoting the area’s history since 1936 through various educational programs and other activities that showcase the community’s past and present art, traditions, folklore, businesses, and residents.

The Taber Museum

The Thomas T. Taber Museum of the Lycoming County Historical Society celebrates Lycoming County PA’s diverse history by providing the community with information on everything from Native American culture to modern life. With exhibits that focus on everything from stained glass windows to local photography, there is always something to learn from a visit to the Taber Museum.

The Peter Herdic Transportation Museum

This fantastic museum provides a glimpse into the various means by which transportation was made possible in Lycoming County’s past. Come learn about the earliest Native American canoes, the railroads that brought economic development to the county at the turn of the century, and the many vehicles that have made road travel possible throughout the county’s history.

The Peter J. McGovern Little League Museum

Believe it or not, Little League Baseball got its start right here in Williamsport PA. Since 1939, Little League Baseball has not only swept the country, but also the world. Today, millions of children participate in this wholesome activity, which teaches valuable lessons about teamwork and determination that will benefit them their entire lives. When you visit Lycoming County PA, you can learn all about the sport’s history through a variety of exciting exhibits, films, and displays.

The Sones Farm & Home Museum

Take a step back in time when you visit the Sones Farm & Home Museum and experience the way things were for some of the earliest residents of Williamsport PA. At Sones Farm & Home Museum, you will see antiquated farming and logging equipment as well as an authentically furnished nineteenth century home.

In Lycoming County PA, there are an endless number of opportunities to relive the past. Our residents are proud of the area’s rich history and have worked hard to preserve it and share it with others. When you visit Lycoming County PA to shop for Orvis Fishing Equipment at Slate Run Tackle Shop in Slate Run PA, to go Fishing in Pennsylvania, to see Pine Creek Gorge PA, to participate in Pennsylvania Elk Hunting or Pennsylvania Deer Hunting, or to go Grouse Hunting Pennsylvania, make sure that you set aside some time to tour the area’s museums. Visiting our many museums and historical attractions is one of the most interesting Things to Do in Williamsport PA and we guarantee that you will leave with a greater appreciation for Lycoming County. Though we are proud of our reputation as one of the best places in the country to go Fly Fishing in PA, Snowmobiling in Pennsylvania, Camping Pennsylvania, Skiing in Pennsylvania, exploring ATV Trails Pennsylvania or the Best Hiking Trails Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Mountain Biking, or just enjoy the Pennsylvania Wilds, we are equally proud of our ancestry, and hope to promote an appreciation of the past through our many museums and historical attractions.  Come enjoy our Williamsport PA Restaurants and stay in the area's Camping Pennsylvania sites or Pennsylvania Wilds Vacation Rentals and learn more about our area's exciting heritage!

Listing Address City Phone
Muncy Historical Society 40 N. Main Street Muncy 570.546.5917
Thomas T. Taber Museum 858 West Fourth Street Williamsport 570.326.3326
Peter Herdic Transportation Museum 810 Nichols Place Williamsport 570.601.3455
Peter J. McGovern Little League Museum 525 U.S. 15 South Williamsport 570.326.1921
Sones Farm and Home Museum 92 Industrial Park Road Muncy 570.546.6334